Report: TGNA’S Role in Climate Change Policy – Summary for Policymakers

Report: TGNA’S Role in Climate Change Policy – Summary for Policymakers

The Grand National Assembly of Turkey-TGNA has an important role in terms of legislation and parliamentary scrutiny with regard to responsibilities that Turkey will shoulder in the new global climate regime initiated by the Paris Agreement adopted by all members of the United Nations (UN) in December 2015. Global Balance Association, The Consumer and Climate Protection Association (TuvikDer) and the Legislation Association (YasaDer) has released a new report titled ” TGNA’S Role in Climate Change Policy”.

No comprehensive research has yet been done about the extent to which related laws, which have been passed by the TGNA and are currently in force, have contributed or obstructed the struggle on the climate change. This Project, the first of its kind in Turkey, will bridge that gap. One of the deliverables of the project is to determine the awareness of parliamentarians on putting the climate change on their political agenda. The results will also signify how parliamentarians defend human rights and the environment in connection with the fight on climate change.

The report released in February 29th to the public with the participation of 17 MP’s from four parties.

For all the reports and meeting notes (in Turkish) on Legislation Association page,  click here.

For the summary report (in English), click here

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