Promotion of Grid-Connected Renewable Energy in Turkey

Turkey has substantial untapped renewable energy (RE) potential. The project, financed by GIZ & supported by MENR, aims to build the capacities of Turkish institutions to utilise German and international experience in the renewable energy sector and implement expansion targets on a sustainable basis.

The “Promotion of the On-Grid Renewable Energies ” project consists of the following components:
  1. Optimization of legal, economic and technical conditions for the feed-in of renewable energies.
  2. Cross-sectoral policy dialogue involving the government, administration and private sector (including the banking industry) and civil society.
  3. Support for grid operators and local electricity suppliers through knowledge transfer for securing the integration of renewable energies into the grid.

Different report & analysis was prepared for GIZ Turkey . Some of these reports are publicly available:

For the Analysis on Renewable Energy in Turkey report, please click on it.

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